Monday, July 09, 2007

There's not a lot going on in my world-it's just too hot. I'm coming to the firm realization that I'm just not a summertime gal anymore. I say anymore because I really used to love the summer when I was younger. I would ride my bike to the beach not far from me and spend all day there with friends or just by myself. I'd get golden brown and, sad to say as a teenager, smoke awful menthol cigarettes & drink coke all day (and I wonder why I had so much energy) we never ate and played volleyball. No wonder I was strong and solid then. Boy was that a long time ago!
Yesterday my dear friend Terry had a jewelry party in her lovely back yard. Unfortunately it was 90 degrees. She made such good dips and such but everything food wise had to stay in the house cause of the temps. I managed to shuffle in and snarf up a bunch of goodies though.
It was very nice jewelry. Not at all crappy stuff. I hate crappy jewelry. I'd rather have one or two good pieces than a bunch of awful costume junk so I really thought I was just there to help out with stuff... I bought 4 things. They had a sale where if you bought one piece full price the next two items were half price. It was a better deal than you could get at Macy's or the jewelry store and there is a lifetime guarantee on the stuff if it needs repair. I got some lovely $55 earrings for half price and I'm an earring nut. Got some larger oval hoops(I live in hoops) and a sterling pair with laser cut outs. There were beautiful necklaces but they were kinda big and clunky. That's all I need is something big and chunky to accent my many chins-thank!
Today I started work on a piece that is more arty than anything I've done before with fabric. Not sure I'm brave enough to show& tell yet. Maybe after I work on it some more.
It's too hot to stand over the grill outdoors today so I'm making spaghetti with Bolognese sauce. I'm fortunate to have air conditioning here so it doesn't matter too much what I cook inside and pasta is fast and easy. I passed on the exercise today. Maybe things will cool off later in the week. I know that many of my friends are in places where it's way hotter than this. It's just that we are not used to it-at all. We are surrounded by water and it usually stays breezy and nice. Well, wherever you are I hope you are comfortable and having a good day.


Janet said...

I love that picture at the top! I'm not a summer gal either. The only thing that keeps me going out here is that we don't have a lot of humidity. I just stay indoors when the temps get too high but I hate that closed in feeling of a/c.

The jewelry party sounds good. I used to wear so much more jewelry than I do now. Mostly it's a pair of earrings and sometimes a pin in the winter. But I still love to look at gorgeous jewelry!! I never get tired of that.

Rian said...

I know I "complain" about the foggy summers around here, but truth be told, I couldn't tolerate that kind of heat OR humidity. I'd be dripping and drooped.

Finn said...

Hi Dee, sounds like you've got the summer doldrums, like so many of us. I, too, used to love summertime. Now I like it best if it's around 72 degrees with a light breeze!! Which means I spend alot of time indoor with the AC running.
Pictures from your walk are just beautiful, thanks for sharing.
AND..I love your circles wearing their lime green coats...and also the 9 patches. I hope you do set them on point. I don't remember the formula off the top of my head, but I know it's in the setting squares and quarter triangles section of Fons and Porter's Complete Guide to Quilting. I'd be happy to look it up in a second if that helps. Just give a hollar. Easier than doing math...LOL Hugs, Finn

Gerrie said...

We are about to get hit with 100+° weather later today, but I always say, at least it is a dry heat!! I love summer and sun as long as I can be in the shade to enjoy it.

I need some new earrings and since I don't want to buy clothes right now, I think I will go out and indulge in some, but I am going to Macy's or better yet, Chico's.

Deborah said...

I've always loved that painting... "Flaming June," I think it's titled. Maybe we can call if Flaming July for these purposes.

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