Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday Sew-up

Trying to perk things up around here with a minimum of cash and not too much hassle. This is the fabric I got for the downstairs window toppers. Something springy is called for. My furniture is a sort of olive colored corduroy so I have an abundance of green curtains. Frankly, I needed something with the green to liven up my crappy attitude. I'm hoping this will help. Work continues on the Lavender Passion quilt I am making for...ta dah...ME! So I won't bore you with more pics of the same. I made a trip to JoAnn Fabrics on Fri. Boy that place gets worse every time I go. They seem to be more interested in crafts than sewing. The fabric selection is minimal-at least the cotton stuff. If I wanted to decorate my windows with frou frou and baubbles and bling I would have been in the right place. I'm just not a bling sort of gal. Anyway, I'll be at the machine today so I can get out and do the clothes shopping I intended to do on Friday, tomorrow.
I'm off to walk on the treadmill. The going is slow but steady. I haven't mentioned it before but I'm having issues with my left hip. Out of the blue it began to be very uncomfortable a few weeks ago. Not really pain but sort of arthritic feeling. Walking seems to help but it's slower than I'm used to. I tend to be a fast walker-when I worked years ago we called it "retail walking". It was the act of scurrying around the store at top speed. I find that I never really slowed down a lot even after all these years. It's torture walking slow. I keep speeding up and have to stop myself.
Off I go! Talk to you soon


Terry said...

Mmmmmm-paisley! A woman I can relate to. I adore that fabric. We have a Joanne's superstore near us now and you are right about the fabric selection. Scrapbooking seems to be taking over the store. Oh, and the bling you mention. Awful looking stuff IMO!
Sorry about your hip. My foot hurts. Hell getting old, isn't it?

Zazzu said...

That paisley will make pretty curtains. Cheerful and spring-y.

JoAnn's is a necessary evil for us quilters. Some of their deals are too good to pass up. It IS difficult dealing with all the morons and their screeching yard apes, though.

Note to all moms/grandmas at JoAnns: No one else likes your kids.

We definitely want to see the Lavender Passion quilt when it's done.

dee said...

Yes Terry it is HELL. I feel like 30 inside and 90 outside. Blech

I know what you mean Zazzu but I also remember how lucky I was to have Roger tell me to take a day off and shop-alone. I guess not everyone gets that chance and Friday at JoAnn's was one of those LOUD days. Migraine city!

Perry said...

Pretty fabric! I don't ever buy fabric from JoAnn's, or craft stuff for that matter, but I do buy some notions and books, I love books, lol. Is the treadmill helping you with your hip? I am having the same sort of pain and I am not doing anything about it, and Iknow I need to.

Zazzu said...

Yeah, Dee, not all kids are little monsters. Some really are delightful. It's just not fun ranting about the nice ones. ;)

When I was a kid, I HATED fabric shopping with my mom. But then, she didn't let me run around screaming like a maniac. Which, you know, IS fun.

Kay said...

I had that hip about a year ago; I self diagnosed as sciatica, and I think I was right. I did some exercises, took Aleeve, walked, and it slowly got better although I have twinges at the moment from too much yard work. Try googling sciatica, and see if it sounds like your symptoms. Talk about an old people's disease---
Nice paisley, by the way. I like the colors also.

Rian said...

That is lovely fabric. It will really perk things up.

I have a bum hip too. I dislocated it dancing the "Bump" at my stepdaughter's wedding (no joke) five years ago. Tylenol Arthritis.

Sharon said...

I just happened to see your blog. I hope that you don't mind. I really did enjoy reading it.
I also have a bad hip. I know that it is just one of those getting old things. It really hurts at night if I lay on that side to long.
I can't wait to see that purple passion quilt. my favorite color.
Take care

Rose said...

Dee, I adore the fabric you're going to use for window treatments. Any chance you could share the name, designer or company that manufactures it? I'm collecting fabrics in paisley prints for a quilt I want to make. Sorry to hear of your hip pain. You might try swimming to work the area, no pressure on the joint that way. Works well for me with all my back problems. Hope you feel better soon!