Monday, June 30, 2008

More travels with Dee

Here are the adorable 92-year-olds. Miss Mattie & Uncle Don. I hope if I'm lucky enough to get to that age I am as with it as these two. Of course, it probably comes from good living so I most likely blew that one.

The real occasion for the trip was two fold. To celebrate their 25th anniversary(second marriage) and to celebrate my 60th. If you call doing a lot of spending celebrating then you could say I had a sweet old time. Our house was(seriously) off Beaten Path in Mooresville so you could say we were off the Beaten Path (har). If this place is off the beaten path then Lord let me wind up there. We saw houses that made your mouth drop open and one in particular that had turrets covered in copper. Holy Moly gang. There were about 15 workman's vehicles in the driveway. Just imagine that bill?? Anyway, there were miles and miles of breathtaking places. Many on golf courses (Hi Rian). I could just imagine her driving by in a golf cart. I could also imagine someone having to marry a Saudi Prince in order to afford just the help needed to clean these 6 bedroom/w guest cottage mansions.

Our house was very beautifully located on a little finger-like tributary of Lake Norman. Very pretty area.
Here is the captain and deckhand of the 9 passenger pontoon boat that was rented for the week. Roger misses the boat we used to have. He doesn't miss the work it took to keep it in shape for using.

Unfortunately her Daddy couldn't make it up from Florida so she had to suffer through everyone ooooing andahhhhing to make up for it. Miss Tatum is a natural ham.

Blogger is being mean and giving me a hard time so I better move on to the loot while I can. Here is some of the stuff. I wanted to make a Christmas quilt out of the Holly Jolly Moda fabric and so I stocked up on that stuff and will work on it soon. Lets see if I can make something for this Christmas before it actually arrives. I got a 20-pack of Robyn Pandolph fabric in her beautiful soft tones to add to the collection that I already have. Something large and bed-like will be happening there. The Posh fabric by Moda is for a quilt I haven't worked out in my head yet. I so loved Nicole's Posh Baskets that she showed on Sisters Choice blog that I sat and stared at it for days on end and I'm going to get myself a basket pattern that will hopefully look one tenth as great as hers.
There's more to show since I made trips to the ten thousand malls around the area with the girls and stopped at Barnes & Noble and Home Goods and several other places. I'll be back with some more tomorrow. Right now I have to finish sewing another row or two on the Lavender Passion since I sewed this weekend in the Quiltathon with Judy and friends. Not much accomplished but I did get a few rows done in between the mountains of laundry. Anyway, back to that. Talk to you soon.


Janet said...

Wow! You weren't kidding when you said you bought a lot of fabric! I can't wait to see what you do with it all.

I love that you stayed off the Beaten Path!! That's just perfect.

Kay said...

Welcome back, and I'm glad you enjoyed it. The place you stayed looks and sound really, really nice!

Finn said...

Hey GF, I DID miss you *VBS* So happy to have you back in blogland. Sounds like a wonderful vacation, trip and fabric shopping expedition! Great fabric by the way...should be a beautiful quilt.
The munchkin is adorable and soooo beautiful!
I'll be back to see what quilt you decide to make. Hugs, Finn

Darcie said...

Miss Mattie and Uncle Don make a darling couple! Happy Anniversary to them...AND A BIG HAPPY 60TH TO YOU, MY FRIEND!!! WOOOHOOOO!

I LOVE the Posh line! Can't wait to see what you do with it. Work it, girl! Work it! ;-)

Hugs from ND!

Rian said...

Ooooh, yummy fabric! And thanks for thinking of me in conjunction with the golf courses. I'd have loved to see them.

Rose said...

Welcome home, Dee! I declare, Miss Mattie doesn't look a day past 70. Do you think she would share her secret?

The fabrics are glorious. You need to spread them all out so we can see each and every one of them. You know, so people like me, who live no where near a fabric store, can drool ;) I can't wait to see the rest of your loot.

Cindra said...

Oh, I do love Moda fabrics! Happy 60th! Sounds like everyone had a wonderful time on your vacation. There is definitely good shopping going on down there!