Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy 4th to you

We are supposed to have rain by the time dinner rolls around so we may be having Chinese with our fireworks. Fine with me, less work for Momma is always a plus.
We're hoping that weather is good enough for BBQ tomorrow-if not I'll be making the The Pioneer Woman Cooks, Husbands favorite sandwich for the gang. Again, either way, yum. Her blog is on the left in my links. Check it out-she's funny and she cooks great but simple food and no bitching about the butter. Just enjoy.
Hope you all have a great weekend. I'll be back Monday with Chapter one in a novel I'm writing about paranoia and my relationship with things that don't work and are screwing with my head in the house and garden. Or, Why my life appears to be possessed by demons in the electrical appliances and garden creatures that conspire against me.
Peaked your interest-stay tuned for things that go bump in the night(Oh alright, in the day too!)
Stay safe and...... watch your back.


Gerrie said...

Waiting to be amused by your wit and wisdom! Happy 4th!

Cindra said...

Ha! Ha! Can't wait although I know all about the bump in the night noises!

Cindra said...
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Rian said...

I can hardly wait! I have seen that Husband's Favorite Sandwich--my arteries stiffened up just reading the recipe!

Darcie said...

lol You are just a hoot! I will stay tuned.

Hope you had an enjoyable 4th of July weekend, Dee! Hugs from ND!