Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Friends, family , books, and Wips

Good Morning! Rose asked for a closer picture of the Holly Jolly and I found this pic that shows some fabrics better and in the upper left are the food fabrics I got for a kitchen wall hanging to be. I just love the bright colors and it will perk up the room a lot....someday.

When I got back from the trip my two quilting buddies took me out for dinner and gave me this lovely necklace. It's very beautiful and I was so touched that they made a fuss over my 60th. One of the ladies asked me how I felt about reaching this milestone(or is that millstone?) Seriously though, I feel pretty good and a lot more....happy...yep that's the word. I think there is a certain amount of relaxation of angst that comes with this time in life. Somehow I feel more ready to stop and smell the roses. Speaking of that, my son's MIL to be gave me a beautiful yellow rose bush. Very pretty. I must find a nice place in the yard to plant it.

I got some books I had been wanting including the new Jack Valenti "This Time This Place" which was released shortly after his death. Jack was around from the Kennedy era to wearing several prestigious hats in Hollywood. I'm going to crack that one open as soon as I finish the one by Marie Brenner called "Apples & Oranges". Marie has spent many years writing great articles for Vanity Fair and since I have been a faithful reader for many years I was interested to know a bit more about her. I enjoyed this book very much. It's basically the story of her relationship with her brother up till his untimely death. They had a life-long contentious relationship partially due to his OCD behavior. He owed one of the largest Apple orchards in Washington State and was a pioneer in bringing Asian pears to the American market. It's informative and funny and, inevitably, sad. I also got the new Andre Dubus "The Garden of Last Days". I loved his book "House of Sand & Fog" so I hope this one is as good. I'll let you know. I'm continuing my readings on the Tudors with "The Children of Henry VIII" by Allison Weir. Unless you are a devoted history nut(like me) you probably would be bored silly. I continue to be fountain of useless information and love history.

I'm working on the Lavender Passion but today I have several projects that include the most boring jobs in the history of sewing- hemming pants and sewing on buttons. I hope to make quick work of that and move on to possibly watching "The Other Boleyn Girl" on the computer while I sew.

Talk to you soon.


Janet said...

The necklace is so pretty. And turning 60 wasn't so bad, was it?

Looks as if you have plenty of reading material to get you through the hot days ahead. If you watch "The Other Boleyn Girl" let us know what you think. I read the book and like it but haven't seen the movie yet.

Gerrie said...

You have hit the ground running. Sounds like the vacation was a good thing. You know, I am celebrating my 70th this year and I do intend to celebrate!! My baby sister will be 60. Egads, the march of time.

It is so much fun to check in this morning and find you chatting away. I did miss you.

Kay said...

Hemming pants is BEYOND boring! I actually have a pair more than a year old that I've never hemmed. Shameful, but true. Your books look interesting, and I would like the Tudor one especially. Enjoy the "hot" Henry VIII in that movie.

Cindra said...

I think I prefer milestone. I agree with you on the freedom and stopping to smell the roses. I'm quickly approaching and have loved adopting the traits of the "when I am old..." poem.
I should read the apples and oranges book. I have a brother with OCD and combined with the Huntington's it turns him into a real corker. Poor thing is miserable, but stubborn.

Mary said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

I like Wier too.