Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Rain Again Tuesday

First, I'd like to thank all of you who were nice enough to respond here and personally to my question regarding....pork...ahem.

I feel so much better but as long as I'm being stared at by my porcine friend.over there....the subject of pork is closed for ahhh...today...snort.

It's raining here again. We really need to check ourselves soon for gills because everything is a sloppy mess. I have a haircut today and some letters to write. Hope to sneak a little sewing in there too but it doesn't look good right now since I need to make a trip to the store for tortillas and such since yesterdays enchiladas didn't get made because of that. Today is Cinco de Mayo so it worked out for the best. Must have some Mexican treat for dinner to celebrate. Wish we could have some Margaritas but Roger can't have liquor so we'll just punt. Green chili enchiladas!Yum!

Hope you have a festive day...cha cha cha.


Gerrie said...


Libby said...

Those enchiladas sound delicious! Wish we were close enough for a pot-luck . . . . I've got the chili verde simmering right now *s*

Kay said...

Thanks for the smile, Dee! Love Miss Piggy.