Friday, May 08, 2009

Soggy Log Cabin Blocks

I suspect our computer is in need of defragging or some such thing like that. It's so slow right now I could walk to your houses and chat faster than posting.

Or maybe it's just water logged like the rest of us. Hope this isn't a peek at what's to come. Soggy, hot weather go away. I know, I'm never happy with the weather unless it's 65 and crystal clear blue sky. Is that so much to ask for? Apparently it is.

Just because it's a boring blog without a picture-here's a peek at a little piece I'm making. This is the beginning of the Birthday Season at our house. Virtually everyone in our family has a birthday in the next two months or so. Several close friends included in that as well. So I'm putting together a few things that might be nice for that. It got me thinking about gifting people with my work. Maybe it's just a thing I think is nice and based on my recent baby quilt experience...maybe no one really gives a crap. Undecided about that as yet but I am seriously thinking of just buying some gifts and keeping the stuff for myself and perhaps the occasional quilty friend. Just because it's my cup of tea doesn't mean other feel the same-and I know if you're reading this you're most likely a quilt lover so I'm sort of preaching to the choir. It does seem lately that I give nearly everything away. My house is like the electrician without lights. I have one quilt on display and aside from a set few that are meaningful to me-I'm kind of sick of the rest right now. Maybe they need to age in the attic for a while while I stop giving away my work and put it up on my own walls for a change.

I was going out to the nursery to day to look for a couple of planter box pretties but now it looks like it's going to pour again...dang.

I wish all you Mom's a happy Mother's Day. Do something nice for yourself. Back soon.



Look'n good Dee!
Really rain out there? BOOO! I guess I'll be driving in or into the rain later. It's still sunny and glorious here in the big apple...

Connie W said...

Raining here too, a soggy day, and I think a soggy weekend. So I guess I'll stay inside and sew/read/knit/eat...I can manage.

Kay said...

65 and a clear blue sky? You're my kind of girl, Dee! I never can understand the people who like it in the 80's.
Next week in Insbruck and Munich, it's rain every day! Actually I like rain, but everything in moderation.

AnnieO said...

I wish it were raining here---Santa Barbara is on fire, though it's 30 miles away we are still seeing the smoke. I had to smile at your comment about having an electrician but no lights. I selfishly made TWO quilts in a row for myself one year (2005). But since then it has been give, give, give! It's funny, when you are a crafter/sewer/quilter, no one ever gives you anything in kind; I guess they think you would criticize it or not like someone else's work. I would LOVE someone to make and give me something!

Cindra said...

There is a certain joy in giving, but I have definitely experienced the "giftee" that doesn't understand the amount of time and love put into the gift.

You should have some of your own talented work in your home though. And this one looks like it is going to be a beaut!

Kim Carney said...

We must have the same computer. I swear sometimes, I can go clean windows and fold clothes while my computer performs ONE task

Happy Mother's Day!

Libby said...

You are so sweet to give your quilts away. While I'm happy to make a gift . . . . I still hold on to a LOT of quilts. They become like good friends and I just can't let them go!

Finn said...

Good Morning Dee, I'm popping in to wish you a very Happy Mother's Day.
It sounds like you are between a rock and a hard place with the giving of your quilts. I honestly can add that I think almost no one appreciates them as much as other quilters, and there isn't much we can do about that. I guess you'll have to decide about giving them, but I can tell you "the gift is in the giving" of the thing and all control leaves your hands at the moment of it becoming a gift. We don't have the choice of how another person will feel about it. Make what YOU love to make and if you choose, keep them all!!! I'm with Libby on this one, it's hard to part with old friends. Big hugs, Finn

The Calico Cat said...

Pretty little logs! I always like a controlled log cabin, but my brain wants to add more & more fabrics... :o)