Monday, May 04, 2009

Rainy Monday

If Amy is reading, I mailed your package today.

I'm going to ignore the rain(the endless rain) and try to keep a smile on my face. Here's something that will help. I ordered some of this lovely fabric from the good folks at the Fat Quarter Shop. They are my new best friends forever. So lovely to chat with and they have great sales and great prices on stuff. The was one of two I got to replace the fabric that I took from my Robyn Pandolph stash that I was stupid enough to use on a baby quilt. No mas, as our friends down south say! I'm putting some borders on another piece I left to languish in the Closet for too long.

Here's a fun thing if you have any of those cute charm packs and wonder about what to make with them. Over on the upper right of my blog is a link to the Moda Bake Shop. They have a pattern for nine patches made from charms. Called 9-patchtastic. Very cool and the math is already figured out for you which in my case makes it possible. Math challenged person here. Other than cutting out little tiny squares for 9-patches I would not have thought of this. It took someone who thinks mathematically to think of it. Thanks Moda Bake Shop. A very cool place. Check it out.

My son started his new job today. I'm hoping it goes well since he left a place he really liked very much to work here. More money and it's about a mile from our house and benefits he didn't have before. Cross your fingers. I'm kind of afraid he's going to be bored and I really hope I'm worrying for nothing. That's what Mom's do. We are saying some prayers for Dani's Grandmother who is not well at all and for my BIL Bob who has gone to N.C. to visit relatives for a few days. Dani's Grandmother has had a rough few years and I haven't even had a chance to meet her yet. I hope she gets much better soon. Bob is struggling with a couple of health issues right now. His latest problem is just one more thing to deal with. We hope he's relaxing on his trip. He can sure use some of that.

I'm holding down the fort and getting the usual laundry, ironing, and cooking done so I can sew a little. Chicken enchiladas for dinner. Does anyone know if it's safe to buy pork? I'm going to get pretty tired of chicken and the usual stuff soon. I miss the loin of pork on the grill but I'm not sure if it's safe. We never seem to hear anything about that. Dang swine.....


Terry said...

I heard on NPR yesterday that eating pork is perfectly safe and those countries who are destroying all their pork are over reacting big time! I hope all that is true--Ray cooked a pork roast last week that was so big we have been eating it ever since. It was delicious--cooked on the grill. Chicken enchiladas sound mighty tasty too. I am thinking about a turkey meatloat for dinner, but now that sounds pretty boring!

Libby said...

Wish a little of that rain could come here. We were supposed to get a few drops over the weekend, but nothing. We are at 'mandatory water conservation' which is just a frog's hair away from rationing, I'm afraid.

My understanding is that pork is perfectly safe to eat. I suppose it would be prudent to know your source. I don't buy any meat from chain retailers any more. We have an excellent meat market in town - it costs a touch more, but the peace of mind is worth it.

Tomorrow I'm fixing chili verde (pork) for our Cinco de Mayo dinner *yummy*

Kay said...

Swine flu has nothing to do with eating pork.

Beautiful fabrics, and I will check out the Moda link. Even if you don't use the precut strips that should be handy to know.

I hope your son's job goes well. As you say, worry is what moms do!

Gerrie said...

I cooked 3 lbs of pork loin on thursday. It is gone. We are fine. Support those hog farmers!!

Hope all your worries are for naught.


Finn said...

Hi Dee, great new fabrics *VBS* I love the FQ Shop also, and that was a great 50% off sale they just had!
I've become a lover of the projects at the Moda Bake Shop also. I think 3 or 4 new ones have been added in the week plus that I've had the logo on my blog. I had to move it down to make room for other things, LOL, you know my sidebar is a 'work in progress', right? *VBS*
I'm in on the count for eating pork, have heard all around the news that there is NO relationship between the animal and the flu...thank goodness. Big hugs for happy sewing, Finn

The Calico Cat said...

Yours went in the mail yesterday too. (I just kept pulling fabrics...)

Darcie said...

Goodness. Hope good health and healing is headed your way.

Lovely new best friends* by the way. Enjoy each other's company. ;-)