Friday, January 08, 2010

Coming to terms with baby quilts

More snow. Nature was kind last evening though. The Thursday Night Quilting ladies went out for dinner and the giving of gifts. The snow held off till overnight. Not good for the guys this morning but great for the driver last night. We went out for Italian and it was good. The place we went to has been very meh the last few times we went so I was hoping that they got a new chef. Don't know if that was the case but my dinner was wonderful. I had lobster and shrimp tortelloni. Very yummy. We exchanged lovely gifts and spent a couple of hours telling tales and laughing a lot. I really don't know why we don't make this a thing to do every couple of months instead of only a couple of times a year. I happily forked over the bucks last night. It was worth every penny and we didn't spend a moment talking about quilting. We can do that weekly. It was a while since we've gotten together so there were funny stories all around.

I still have a bit of the headache I had yesterday but I've really decided that it's the weather. Lots of pressure and dryness makes for a pain. It's still snowing on and off a little but the temps are going way down tonight so goodness knows what will fall later.

On the baby quilt front here's what I think I'm going to do and I expect you to hold me to it. There are 3 babies coming in the next few months. One of those Mommies to be is a darling young woman who grew up at the same time my James did. She's a year or so ahead in age. She doesn't like anything traditional. No blue, pink, yellow or I'm not kidding. For a while I thought maybe I'd do something very modern in black & white. Last night I heard that the baby's room will be a couple of soft shades of cream and chocolate. So much for the lavender and lime green. Her brother and his wife are having their second child. I made a quilt for the first darling daughter and they loved it. The third baby is a very special one for me. My best friends son and his dearest are having a little one in the spring. I think I'll just buy something for the first two and spend my time on something special for the last couple. My friend's son is an artist and I have long been seeing some of the really wonderful free-style patterns in new, more modern fabric. I think I'll go outside the box and be a little artistic but still baby-ish. I'll figure that out soon. Anyway, having made that decision will allow me to return to making something out of the many blocks I have already done with the American Jane fabric that I love so much. I never tire of looking at that fabric and it inspires me-so much so that I bought a layer cake of it and some of the measuring tape fabric in the same line. Now to find it....
I hope to spend some time getting some bins of fabric and supplies a bit organized-or even found. Slow going.
Time to get a few things done. Hope you have a sunny weekend.


Terry said...

Your quilting ladies group sounds like ours--the best! Having the group to laugh with and eat with and confide in is such a special part of my life. Men don't seem to do this. I wonder why not. They don't know what they are missing.

Happy New Year, dear! Can't wait to see the baby quilts.

Rian said...

Red goes great with cream and chocolate! And it's definitely not traditional baby. Other colors that could spark a baby quilt with that color scheme could be chartreuse or turquoise. Awesome.

Have fun making them.

What kind of sauce was on that tortellini? It sounds heavenly.

Libby said...

My favorite baby quilts are the non-traditional . . . . leave the 'baby' colors to the others and do what feels right.

Mary said...

Listen to you plan for babies! I'm making a quick strippie for Adam's baby -- of course I have a couple wedding quilts to finish up too but I know there will be lots of time to make fun quilts as Caleb grows up so I think a simple one for now will do.

How about teal and brown for the *modern* baby quilt?? It's a really popular combination and would look great. I haven't bought this book yet but have you seen it?

I bet something could be adapted to baby size!

Mary said...

I'm also a little intrigued by the book City Quilts from Cherry House Quilts but I haven't seen many of the photos yet.