Wednesday, January 06, 2010

a lighter note...

woke with a nearly violent sinus thing and a bit of dizziness to go with it so I'm not off to the great start I imagined. I don't like taking stuff for that-it makes my tummy have problems back to bed I went and now the day is half gone and I'm still not feeling all that well. I wonder if it's the dryness and bitter cold. Past experiences with this type of thing made me think it was the damp but it's bone dry and screaming sunshiny bitter cold. Oh well, suck it up Dee.

Here's a picture is one of my new shelves. They will never look as neat as this again. Right now I'm revelling in the spare neatness. This is the fabric I got for a baby quilt. Yesterday I found a lovely pale aqua shade matching that focus fabric and a slightly different green that's also in the fabric. I've decided to make a whirly gig pattern. That's simple and goes together fast. Then I can move onto other things.
First I have to get this headache to calm down.....dark tea.

Does anyone know why I can't get my pictures to move around the written parts like you could previously. They all wind up in one blog wile I'm writing and then they're in the wrong order because they can't be moved. It used to be simple like right click, hold and move. Now they won't move.
I'm off to figure out what's for dinner and find a non-sunny place to sit. Talk to you soon.


Gerrie said...

I just click on the photo, copy and paste it where I want it to be.

I love those fabrics. It will be a darling baby quilt.

Feel better - tis the sinus season.

Karen said...

That is a sturdy looking shelving unit. You can load it up with fabric galore!

Janet said...

Hope the headache has calmed down by now. Love the colors in the fabrics you've chosen. What a cool baby quilt they'll make.

As for the pictures, I always do everything in the HTML mode so all I do is copy and paste them where I want them to be.

Rian said...

Oh great--now I have shelf envy.

Hope your headache is gone now. I have a hunch it's the cold dry.

I LOVE that fabric! I did a quilt for my GD3 and I just pieced strips in varying width. Fast and up-to-date. The kids said they liked it anyway.

Suzan said...

Hope your headache is gone. Great fabric for a baby quilt. I am so happy we are no longer making boring old pink and blue quilts!!

Libby said...

Hope you are feeling better!

Del said...

You have my whole hearted sympathy on your affliction. I'm starting to think I will have it forever - the older I get, the longer these things linger. I have found that running the vaporizer has helped this time around - nothing added to it, just distilled water (in my area). Rest, rest - LOTS of "rest in bed, plenty of fluids, Tylenol for pain" seems to help me. Get well quickly. Del