Monday, January 04, 2010

January sloth..sort of

Something about the whole turn of the calendar, combined with the deep freeze that surrounds us right now is creating the hibernation instinct in all of us lately. It often happens this time of year. We just burrow down and have these sleepy days. The bitterness of the past few days and the howling wind is causing that effect to triple. It's just not natural to get up when the wind is screaming and it's 16 degrees outside.
We did have a wonderful holiday together. My guys were all off for a few days and while they did some guy stuff, I got some movies I hadn't seen. I have a DVD player in the bedroom as well as downstairs but for some reason(sheer laziness) I never figured out the method for getting the player to work with the new big screen tv upstairs. First thing that would happen is that I would want to tear my hair out because there is also a cable box. Right there that makes 3 controllers. About 5 minutes of that and I wanted to fling all 3 controllers out the window. The result of that was having to ask the guys to help me. Even though they did, I didn't use it often enough to remember the secret magical sequence of voodoo that were required and the result of that was not watching a Christmas gift of 2008 until two days ago. I got a boxed set of Elizabeth Gaskell BBC DVDs. The best of the bunch is "Cranford", with Judy Dench, who I adore in anything and is wonderful in this. "North & South" is also very well done. I'm still on the second disc of "Wives & Daughters", which I find a little looong and just slightly annoying. The characters are quite pissy. Sorry, but that's the only word I can find that fits. Of course, it could be that I've just over-dosed on the whole drawing room thang...and need to take a break with something different. I should have interspersed it with the viewing "The Tudors", which I also adore and I spend two evenings with season 3. I must say that season 3 is a bit gruesome and less appealing than the last one but that's to be expected since it covers the sorrowful Anne of Cleves and horrible murderous Oliver Cromwell, who came to a really ghastly end. I know I'm the last to see it on earth but I also rented "Julie/Julia and hope to see it later.

On a quilty note, my guys got out to the Home Despot and got a great set of shelves for my room. I set up the machine, the cutting mat and I'm almost on the case. I have to unpack fabric and get it organized on shelves in baskets. Stuff like that will get done tomorrow. While it's bitter out, at lest it's not snowing so I'd better get some things from the store for dinner and make a couple of stops. Brrrr.

Stay warm if you can. Back with pictures soon. The camera is not co-operating today. For once I can't blame Blogger.


Gerrie said...

We just finished Season 3 of the Tudors this week end. I love that show. Such gorgeous sets and costumes and the passive aggressive Henry!

Happy New Year!!


Rian said...

I'll have to rent those, I love BBC-type stuff! Home Despot--you are a riot!!!

Happy New Year!

Janet said...

Brrr! Stay inside where it's warm and cozy. I know exactly how you feel about all the remotes and trying to get a DVD to play! I don't understand why it can't be easier!! I have been so frustrated with the whole thing that I just give up. I have a portable DVD player that I use!!

Yea! You're getting your sewing room set up. Soon there will be pictures of gorgeous fabric goodies coming our way.

Kay said...

So much I can identify with in this. Why is it so hard to do a simple thing like use a DVD now? Grr,

I just read the Booker Prize winning novel Wolf Hall. f Thomas Cromwell is the main character, and he's presented in a very favorable way. It's long, but I absolutely loved it. It ends as Henry is beginning to lose interest in Anne Boleyn; there's a sequel coming, but I hate to think of reading about Cromwell's horrible end, since he's presented so sympathetically here.

Connie W said...

I have recently acquired and watched Cranford which I absolutely love! Now that I've discovered E Gaskell I definitely will be checking out the other DVDs and the books when I have the opportunity. I LOVE period pieces like this and could watch them over and over (and I will).

Carol said...

I have the exact same problem trying to watch a DVD on my large screen TV and I was thinking I have early glad to hear you and others have the same response...eithier I'm not nuts yet or we all are!! LOL, thanks for sharing your always interesting thoughts....Carol D in TN